Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Best Christmas Ever

I should add a picture to this, but I don't have any here at work so I'll have to do that later. I had the best Christmas of my life week before last, and it's all because of my lovely daughter Sabrina. On the Saturday morning before Christmas, she was sitting on Mommy's lap and reached for me, and then when I just gave her a kiss and didn't pick her up, she screamed until I did. That's the first time I've been preferred even for a second, and it's an amazing feeling. I've always known she would have a stronger bond with Mommy, maybe forever, but I had hoped she'd see me as a decent substitute, and to be picked first even for a minute is the best feeling I've ever experienced. I'm proud to say it's continued and we're getting closer every day.

I'm also very proud of my little angel because although she was very interested in the other kids at my parents' house, almost all of them were 4 years old or older, so they didn't really want to hang out with her or let her play with their toys, and were continually taking her toys away, knocking her over, hitting her or just generally not letting her join in their reindeer games. I kept waiting for her to cry or otherwise get unhappy about it all, but she never did. When another kid took a toy from her, she'd get another one and take it to him. When she got knocked over, she got up and kept trying to join the group. I couldn't decide whether to beat the other kids or weep at my child's innocence and spirit, so I mostly just watched in amazement.

I did, however, make an ass of myself at least twice when a certain nephew knocked her down a couple of times and didn't even look back. I found myself threatening the poor kid with similar treatment if he didn't take care not to crush her to the ground, and in retrospect it was obnoxious and overdone. In my defense I watched her get abused for days before I had anything to say about it, but it's still terrible behavior on my part. And I'll apologize to the little monster as soon as he has the capacity to understand any of it.

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Anonymous said...

Never apologize to brat kids and since he/she would most likely never be disciplined for it, your actions were warranted since know the brat knows not to do that with infants. Just show him/her the bag of lime mikey