Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Is it weird to like this?

Because I do. People are drawn to those who have zero body awareness. She's like Jack Black not just in genre and general nuttiness but also in that way he has of glorifying in his own fat. Same deal with this Leslie Hall.


Anonymous said...

Zero body awareness? You are incorrect on this one since they may have it and are comfortable trying to put together a fat back beat singing about how they will crush you with their shoulder pads. I only wish I could share a lit candle at their concert and group hug the fat chicks...which will be like playing in a blow up castle at a kid's birthday party. This would be a better concert than Van Halen recently accouncing touring with the original members. Eddie has nothing on that keyboardist! maybe Wolfgang does but time will tell.

Anonymous said...

I love the sharp editing, multiple costume changes, how she shuffles singing "razzle" out of the side of her mouth but best of all,,,,,slack titties and an attitude. Please play at my wedding!!!