Tuesday, May 23, 2006

So Damn Sweet

Originally uploaded by sharpeworld.
Another unaccountable pleasure the internet has revealed: the collection of freaks and undesirables that is the pile of old promo shots found in a Venice alley by a friend of the proprietor of Sippican Cottage. Ol' Sippi is one of my favorite bloggers and has produced one of my favorite blog posts ever here, in which his friend has provided a slide show that may well entertain you as much as it did me.

Why I get such a kick out of '70s misfits in matching jumpsuits I'm not sure, but I think it's something about the era's unsinkable optimism that would lead such a large group of geeks, fatties and oddballs to believe they could make it in even the local LA music scene.

As Sippican writes, "Someone's got to play in the lounge at the Chinese restaurant." Ditch those other gimps, Jakki, quick!

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