Friday, May 12, 2006

Babies Are Good for You

Daddy's Girl #3
Originally uploaded by Uncle Mikey.
Look, this one made me smile just by being next to me. Although she's not smiling in this picture, I'm amazed at the power of my daughter's smile to make people happy. I'm sure there's a biological component, but on some level I'm always going to believe it's because she's so beautiful, and that seeing such beauty light up with a smile is overpowering.

My lovely wife Deirdre took Sabrina to the grocery store today and once again our daughter charmed countless strangers on her jaunt through the aisles. They say, "what a beautiful child" and then Sabrina sees them and smiles, and Deirdre says most of them (invariably women, more often than not older) look like they're about to burst into tears. Her smile certainly has that effect on me at times, so I can understand.

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