Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Baby Progress

Successful docking
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Our little sweetheart Sabrina has started grasping her little teething Sputnik, a gift from my brother David, and gnawing on it. She still prefers the knuckle of my right index finger, but will settle for the Sputnik. Fred is furious that there's a squeaky toy not available to him and has expressed his displeasure.

Sweet Sabrina has discovered a new passion: the Teletubbies. Frankly I'm starting to like them too. It's amazing how quickly you lose your aversion to children's programming once you have a child in the family. We don't want her to see much kiddie TV, and no regular programming or commercials for a long, long time. But she sure does get happy when she hears that Teletubbies song and sees the baby in the sun. Don't we all?

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Anonymous said...

Mike finally admits he likes the one with the triangle head because he is just plain gay according to Pat Roberts. i always thought it represented a vagina so hang in the mike..public opinion may still sway your way