Thursday, March 30, 2006

American Idol - Feh

Crap show this week, with the exception of Paris who oversexed the Beyonce dance a little more than most people seem to like. She's a great performer so I don't mind, I just close my eyes to avoid the hoochieness. What was with Shakira and Wyclef lipsynching? Gross performance all around.

Lisa the Klingon got axed, as we all expected. Unexpected in the extreme was Katharine McPhee being in the bottom three. I admit I haven't voted for her in weeks and her most recent performance was boring, but she's still 10000000X better than Bucky, Ace or Pickler. I did enjoy seeing her without a fake stage smile. She's hot when she's mad.

Elliot's my man for the rest of the show. I'll try to vote for McPheever but there can be only one. The quickening!

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Anonymous said...

Simon was right. They all sucked and any one of them could have been booted. I did not watch it this week but did catch the boot off. Pickler is out, Ace cannot sing! Bucky sucks. It is paris, save for her 16 year old whore dance, Rock and roll singer, name please, and yamin. he is hard on the eyes but easy on the ears and thus cannot be the idol as well as the low ceiling tip toe-er. He is entertaining but does not look the part nor have the range to be america's idol.

_the grand poobah has spoken. Sooth sayeth the flock.