Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Good Lord Kids Today are Nuts

And this isn't even the worst example of how nuts they have become. Frankly I'm far more distressed by the hypersexualization of very young children, which I blame on the internet.

When I was in high school, you could get porn, but you had to make an effort. You actually had to go somewhere and be ashamed to be seen buying it, or send money somewhere and wait a month or more, or go to a disgusting theater and be surrounded by creepy guys in trench coats. And it wasn't even that dirty most of the time. Now unbelievably graphic porn is practically shoved down your throat in spam emails, and if you actually go looking for it on the internet you can see absolutely anything you've ever thought of, and a lot you haven't.

Porn used to be far from mainstream. Back in the bad old days of 20 years ago, there were maybe 10 genuinely attractive porn chicks, most of whom did only standard sex acts. Even girl/girl stuff was rare for those 10 women, and no way did they engage in watersports, S&M, or anything else outside the mainstream. Now you can see some of the most beautiful women in the world being peed on (and worse), doing gangbangs, and other stuff I won't even mention here. All of which has the effect of legitimizing sex acts that a short time ago were out of the question even for professional sex workers.

I think kids see a lot of stuff on the internet that makes them think sex is no big deal. Girls Gone Wild doesn't even raise an eyebrow any more, and when Paris Hilton and Pamela Anderson are willing to have their sex tapes distributed for a cut of the profits, kids believe there's nothing shameful or harmful about public sex. As a man whose wife is carrying a little girl in her belly right now, that scares the sh*t out of me. How much more extreme will adolescent behavior be 15 years from now?

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