Saturday, July 09, 2005

Doonesbury Sucks

I used to be a fan, but for decades now it's been unreadably unfunny, and more often offensively stupid. Varifrank agrees, and expands:

Your generation sure has come a long way, Gary. And from the deepest part of my 'Generation Next' heart, I wish you'd all just keep moving right along. Your generation lived in the soft pocket that the generation before provided for your generation, and yet you hated them for it. The parents of your generation, the generation that survived the triplet horrors of the Great Depression, the struggle against fascism and finally the Soviets was your definition of evil, not the horrible things they fought against. They left behind a world that you could live in that was beyond anything they could have imagined. Freedom from fear, freedom from want, freedom of expression, and inside of a single generation you went and wrapped the whole thing around a telephone pole like a drunken teenager behind the wheel of a Maserati.

Amen. There's more, and I don't agree with every single bit of it, but the general theme is solid.

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