Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The Final Beam-Up

Montgomery Scott
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James Doohan has died at the age of 85 of pneumonia and Alzheimer's. I'm a Star Trek fan (the original series, don't care for any of the subsequent versions) and a Scotty fan, but didn't know his name on the show was Montgomery Scott. I did know he landed with fellow Canadians on Juno Beach in Normandy on June 6, 1944 and was hit six times by a machine gun that night, which must have been an awful end to a very long day. I also knew that he wasn't a fan of William Shatner, which I understand although I dig Shatner myself.

But until I watched the documentary "Trekkies" a week ago, I didn't know that he enjoyed Star Trek conventions, and that he believed that the "best thing I ever did" was to reach out to a suicidal Trekkie at a convention and encourage her to not give up by demanding that she join him at subsequent conventions, which she later told him saved her life. We'll miss you Jimmy.

UPDATE: Cool ode to Scotty at Ace's.

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