Monday, June 06, 2005

Revenge of the Shite

I saw Star Wars III:ROTS last week, and at first I thought it was pretty decent. The dialogue sucks, as just about everyone else has pointed out, and everything happens too fast to be believable. But at least it wasn't full of muppets or Jar-Jar Binkses, and it is pretty tragic. So I told myself it was worth the time and money.

But last night I saw Hero with Jet Li, and it was so much more interesting, more beautiful, and above all more believable (even though people could fly and do amazing ninja tricks), that it makes SW seem like a high school production with great CGI. I'm kind of embarrassed for George Lucas, who has once again squandered a fantastic opportunity for writing and acting talent, and doesn't seem to care.

I'm thinking of watching Hero again tonight, that's how much I liked it. Lucas, you're an idiot.

UPDATE, FIVE MINUTES LATER: I can't believe I forgot the parts I hated the most: why do they insist on having giant battle cruisers get ten feet apart before they shoot laser beams at each other? That first space battle was idiotic and totally unrealistic. And what's with all the punching and kicking the Jedi do, or even swordfighting? They can just knock each other around with mind power, why not do that? I hate all the punching and kicking in Star Wars, the Matrix, and everywhere else there are better alternatives. It's stupid.

I know, I know. It looks cool. But it ruins the movie for me, just as fighting huge space battles close enough to a planet that its gravity is a factor does, or big fiery explosions in a vacuum. None of it makes a bit of sense.

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