Thursday, June 30, 2005

Holy Sh*t Sin City Must Be Frickin' Awesome

Because why else would my sister Nancy and her friend Barbara like it? They've got excellent taste. Ruthless Reviews describes it just the right amount of vividly:

The moment Mickey Rourke (as Marv) put a bullet in a priest's brain while sitting in a confessional, I was hooked. And as Marv's story thread continued, I was privileged to watch him slam axes into cops' skulls, feed Elijah Wood to a rabid dog (after which he sliced off his head), present the head to an important Cardinal (Rutger Hauer), and proceed to butcher that same Cardinal without a moment's hesitation. Marv banged prostitutes, murdered at will, and leered at young tarts while at strip clubs. It was Rourke's most realized performance in years, perhaps ever. Even while sitting in the electric chair, Rourke was nasty, vicious, and charming as hell. Call it his great comeback.

I honestly can't imagine a series of words that would make me more excited about seeing a movie than that one paragraph has me excited to see Sin City. Can't wait to see it, buy the DVD, and have a scene from it tattooed upon me bum. And it's nice to know my sweet little big sister Nan and her homegirl Barb like viddying merzky sex and brutal dratsing and vredding at the movies, and that Sin City is dorogoy to their hearts. Do Pee and Em know about this?

Link to the Nadsat Glossary from A Clockwork Orange. Not-so-interesting note: no words in Anthony Burgess' special language for happy, like or love.

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