Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Perspective Check

Also from American Digest, a link to Dean Esmay's post about Iraq combat deaths, with graphs, links and some excellent comments below, including this one by Dean:

By almost any measure you'd care to name, there has never been a more successful military operation in American history. Yet most people today actually snort in derision at such a notion--no matter how provably true it is, or what evidence is put before them.

Why? Because a small band of fascists is still setting off bombs over there every day, mostly killing innocent civilians. THAT IS THE SUM TOTAL OF THEIR PROOF. Fascist lunatics are still setting off bombs. Therefore, we're failing.

This is, as others have said, the direct result of the Vietnam generation of radicals who took over the universities and filled every subsequent generation of young journalism students, and students in general, with the notion that America was evil and Woodward and Bernstein were the greatest heroes in journalism history.

The press is no longer on America's side--indeed, they routinely conflate "taking America's side" with "touting the administration line." What more can be done except to point out to these people that the facts simply don't fit their interpretation?

Also some highly reasoned and reasonable anti-Iraq War comments, too. Check it out.

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