Friday, January 28, 2005

Nauseating Stupidity

This is what passes for liberal "thought" on Iraq and the War on Terror. Seymour Hersh is probably the most prominent military reporter in the US right now, although he's better known as someone who has made a career out of being the most delusional conspiracy theorist in this country. You'd think that would disqualify you as the voice of your party, but no such luck. I don't have the time or energy to debunk this idiot, but others have here and here.

Shame on the Democrats in this country, who have degraded political discussion to this sickening level. They've given up on this country and democracy in general and are eager to see the United States put in its place by people who fear freedom and progress. Such childish lashing out in reaction to the realization that the majority of Americans disagree with their insane points of view is disgusting. Shame on the whole goddamn party; to tolerate such behavior by prominent members is the same as agreeing with it.

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