Thursday, March 15, 2007

Blueberry Head

Not to be confused with Carrot Top, thank you very much. Sabrina loves frozen blueberries as they are not just nutritious and yummy but the soothe sore gums, which is nice when you're teething. They get everywhere and the carpet is a horror show, but we've stopped caring. Parenting is like that.

She's been falling a lot the last couple of days, hard sometimes, and invariably returns quickly to the spot of her most recent injury to get the maneuver she was trying when she fell figured out. Which is a little scary, but I definitely understand. Daddy's girl.

I like this picture because it shows her Doc Savage hairline perfectly. Coolest hair in the neighborhood, I say. Not when Deirdre's around, but I do say it.


Anonymous said...

I thought I saw the spector of green snakes hissing around the house behind her photo being Doc Savage and all. I saw that movie in the theater as a kid and remember it like yesterday.

Anonymous said...

re-title: High on Bluberries