Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Too Smart for Anyone's Good

Oh Hell No
Originally uploaded by Uncle Mikey.
Sabrina likes phones, and sometimes we let her play with one for a minute or two. Today I handed this one to her and she put it against her ear just like this. She did it again many more times, long enough for me to run downstairs, get the camera, turn its slow ass on, wait for it to boot up while I run upstairs, and take five pictures, which takes rather a long time using my camera.

Should I be worried about this?

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Anonymous said...

Monkey see monkey do.....You should only be worried if she is also driving a car and talking on the phone at the same time since it is my new scurge... women drivers on cell phones are the worst combination since I witness at least two to three potentially serious wrecks a day if it weren't for the other responsible drivers dodging them.... I alomost got K.O'd again this morning.....