Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Noodlebear de la Cutemonkey

Big Grin Monkey
Originally uploaded by Uncle Mikey.
Sabrina loves her borrowed exersaucer here (from our lovely and talented neighbors Joe and Tehra W.) as much as she loves the one we bought her, which is more of a mushroom around which she can walk in a chair/saddle similar to the one she's in here. The mushroom was a little too tall at first, and I didn't realize then that it locks in one position unless you release the catch. Now she loves both and is getting a lot of walking/balancing practice.

Yesterday she got her first booboo, a burn on her left hand you can kind of see here. My lovely wife was making pancakes while wearing Sabrina in the baby bjorn, and when she moved a little closer to the stove for half a second, Sabrina swung the back of her hand against the hot edge of the frying pan. It's a very minor burn and an hour after we returned from the doctor's office she was chewing on the injured hand and playing with her toys, mostly with her left (she just might be a southpaw), so we guess it doesn't hurt any more. Poor little thing.

D is heartbroken about it but I assured her this is the first of thousands of little incidents that will terrify us, and there's no point in feeling guilty about an honest mistake. Our little angel is fine and we're very proud of her for being such a tough guy.


Anonymous said...

If your selling out D for the burn why not mention you wearing Sabrina in the baby bjorn at the gun range and the hot cartridge ejection landing in the baby apparatus or while you were dropping the transmission on your '64 and the hot oil spilled all over her while strapped in the bjorn or the time when you were cutting firewood and the chainsaw kicked back slicing through the bjorn and let us not forget the midnight ninja sword fight in the park and you you thought you lost but it was a slice to the bjorn borg instead. That is one tough Texas baby! Hang in there Bri!

Uncle Mikey said...

Dat ain't no sellout, cracka