Saturday, November 12, 2005

Stroller Dogs

Stroller Dogs
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The new baby is due by Nov. 28th (my guess is the 21st) and although it's been fun getting baby gifts I haven't been all that excited about any of them until this thing came, a stroller/car seat/carrier combo that is just techy and cool enough to get a kick out of. An extravagant gift from two of my lovely sisters, this thing is kind of fascinating and seems to work pretty well, although I won't really know that until Sabrina is here with us to wheel around in it. The dogs liked it enough to not try to jump out, which is Oliver's answer to all unfamiliar and/or unpleasant experiences. Hope it doesn't kill him some day.

I hear that I'm going to come to appreciate the Diaper Genie immensely in the future, so maybe it will displace the stroller as my fave. We'll see about that.

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