Friday, October 21, 2005

Don't Be Hatin'

In a post about the strange relationship between grandstanding Texas asswipe Ronnie Earle and billionaire liberal loon George Soros, Instapundit gets snippy about Texas barbeque:

Texas home cookin' . . . and I don't mean that beef stuff they pass off as barbecue.

and later:

Real barbecue is pork (as reader David Ruddell writes: "If it ain't pork, it ain't barbecue. 'Nuff said."), but in a tomato-based sauce. Other approaches are amusing, and sometimes tasty, diversions, but they're not barbecue.

Having tried many varieties of BBQ in this country, I can say they're all pretty good. But chopped animal in sauce is just one version, and I do prefer slices of perfectly cooked animal to chopped animal any day. I enjoy all versions of BBQ sauce too, but slightly prefer mustard-based, like the Salt Lick in Austin serves.

And more than anything, chopped beef is just better than chopped pork. Take that, Tennessee boy.

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