Tuesday, September 02, 2008

That Just About Covers It

Found this at One Cosmos, which is always a blast when you're feeling extra smart and thoughtful. The column in question is a beauty:

The Left always counts its presidential chickens before they're hatched. They did it with Algore, they did it with Kerry. They think they have victory in their grasp, and when reality says otherwise they feel robbed and betrayed. They have to find dark plots and conspiracies to explain the impossible; the Supreme Court was corrupt in stopping the Al Gore assault on the election rules in Florida. Ohio's voting machines were hacked to give George W. Bush his win there. Today, Algore is still bulking up with rage, eight years after Florida. Kerry still thinks he was "swiftboated" -- when his Swiftboat chain of command finally got its chance to tell the truth. Rapper P. Diddy was on YouTube yesterday going "Alaska? Alaska?" and "McCain, you're getting the *** out of town."

It's the gangster theory of electoral democracy. They're all counting on victory. It's theirs already. Like the Obama campaign keeps telling us, the election is just a formality. We have a new president, and his name starts with an O.

The Left is entitled to power, because in their own eyes they have Truth and Morality on their side. They are Mahatma Gandhi, they are Dr. King, they are the vanguard of the marching proletariat. It's not just Big O who has the incomprehensible egomania. His inner circle and vast numbers of his supporters do, too. Entitlement, grandiosity, narcissism: In psychiatric thinking they all suffer from secret feelings of inferiority, narcissistic wounds to their self-esteem. Every time they lose, those nagging feelings come up again. So they are always overcompensating, trying to bully reality into the shape they need.
Couldn't have said it better myself. Check out Bob's piece on this piece for more red meat.


Anonymous said...

Let us not forget the democratic majority led congress has the lowest approval or highest disapproval rating depending on how you want to view it of 7% or 93% respectively yet they blame the GOP that they cannot get anything done other than voting on a pay raise and vacation. They honestly feel Omama has won and they are licking their chops at destroying what is left of the US if the most liberal freshmen democratic senator is elected in order to pass their pork bulged bills.

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