Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Sweet Child O' Mine

I've been pretty mangled lately, my neck's been in a state of unpleasantness that is extraordinary even for me (I'm pretty used to being screwed up spinally and enduring it without much complaint, but this last month has been extra nasty), and my daughter has been very sweet about it. Today I was holding her hands as she bounced on an exercise ball, not supporting her weight but steadying her so she wouldn't fall, and she suddenly dropped to bounce on her bottom. I wasn't expecting it, and the sudden drop just killed my neck, upper back and head with a lightning bolt of death. I squealed "OW OW Ow ow ow ow ow" and dropped her as soon as she could safely land on her feet, and then I kind of went fetal and moaned for a while.

Sabrina immediately started patting my neck and upper back gently, and said "It's OK, Daddy, you're OK," very softly over and over again. She stayed with me for a long time, leaving for a minute to tell Mommy about Daddy's booboo, and then she came back to take care of me some more. I don't think I've ever been comforted by a child before, and certainly not my own child, so through the miserable pain I could only think of how proud I was of her, and how grateful I was to have her there. I don't know where she learned that, but I'm again struck by what an amazing little girl she's turning out to be.

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Anonymous said...

"Dad, you would feel better if you ate some ice cream. You better give me the car keys and I will go get you ice cream to make me feel all better I mean your neck." Bri