Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Oh for Christ's Sake

Can we believe in any sport any more? Steroids/HGH/whatever in everything, boxing's been a fixed, faked pile of BS for more than a decade, the Olympics are a bad and boring joke, horse racing is just creepy (the damn horses' legs aren't even fully formed until they're 4 years old, which is the moral equivalent of infants having head-butting contests), the Patriots cheated their way to a number of Super Bowls, and now this?

NBA basketball has bored me since the 1990s, and even then Jordan got away with all kinds of illegal crap and never got called on it. But refs deciding games is beyond the pale. The only thing I buy any more is MMA/UFC fighting. The bouts are rarely decided by the judges, and I've yet to see a sketchy decision. Maybe that's why gladiators were so popular in Rome: it's hard to throw a fight when it means you die.

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Anonymous said...

Sing it loud and proud sister since I am on board with this save for boxing has been fixed well over a decade ago. Let us not forget Pete Rose,the Chicago Black Sox, WWF ( old wrestling corp and not the World Wildlife Federation)and on and on... money is king and everyone has a price. I bought Mikey for a buck fifty (1.50) in Thailand, 1965