Tuesday, November 14, 2006

One Bite, Comin' Up

Originally uploaded by Uncle Mikey.
Fred likes Sabrina. She plays catch with him a little, he gets to eat a lot of dropped food, and she doesn't generally bash or grab him hatefully. That said, he has to work pretty hard to avoid being cornered or otherwise harrassed by her, and in this picture you can see him trying to decide if it would be better to run away now or can he wait a few more seconds without getting trapped in his house.

The nice thing about Fred is that he's a perfect judge of where your fingers are and how hard he's allowed to bite them. I'd much rather Sabrina learns about biting dogs from getting bitten gently by Fred than have it be a complete surprise when she does get bitten by a dog, which will invariably happen. I got bitten on the eyebrow by a family dachshund when I was small, and I very much deserved it. But the next time a dog snapped at me I was ready for it and got away clean.

Good old Fred. He may be the best dog I've ever known. And I'm glad Sabrina gets to know him too.


Anonymous said...

So has Olley been sacrificed to the soylent green tub?

Anonymous said...

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