Thursday, December 15, 2005

And They're Off

The one-upsmanship, or -dogship, or maybe -babyship, around here is getting pretty wild. Oliver has long been the cutest thing around here that's not my wife, and now the baby has taken over the top spot. Oliver is understandably miffed and is pulling out all the stops. We were worried about him being nasty to Sabrina (or pretending not to notice her and sitting or standing on her) but frankly he seems to have decided that she and Deirdre are to be protected from me, so I get growled at a lot these days.

Fred is still reluctant to get close to Sabrina for very long, but D caught him licking her toes under the covers the other night. Lucky Sabrina, she's got a whole family around her and we all love her desperately.


Chairborne Stranger said...

Thanks for stopping by, congratulations on the new baby.

Anonymous said...

The claws, oh the iron maiden claws. His claws remind me of Bruce Lee's "Enter the Dragon" where Bruce is fighting the evil guy who has this multi-knife blade attachment which is raked across Bruce's face and chest. This must be Ollie's favorite movie. Ollie's trademark greeting or requested belly scratch, is raking his claws down your leg so beware mighty Sabrina. I try to rationalize it that Ollie is just being friendly but I really think he knows what he is doing. At least that is what my psychic friends network told me through the TV. I know Ollie cannot defend himself against my comments because his CLAWS are too long to type! Just kidding Ollie. Thanks for making the world more interesting with your presence. Fred, you just plain rock brother.