Sunday, August 29, 2004

Dreary Sunday

Overcast but still no goddam (like Burton said it, go-damn) rain. Huge red Hibiscus flowers, 10 at least. Plumbago and Bougainvillea and some Orange Trumpets, and the tender little jewels the Carnation of India is constantly producing. The soil here is so shot through with limestone that it drains the color from the leaves and flowers of many plants if you don't amend the soil just right, which I mostly have not. Most plants seem pretty happy on the whole but some of our Althea (rose of Sharon) trees are getting kind of ghostly, as are some of the Jasmines scattered about.

Propagation of the flowering Dwarf Rouellia from the three places we've planted it is pretty alarming, probably 25-30 spots in the yard sprouting and a couple big enough to put up perfect little purple flowers. We've removed most of the Horse Herb from the back yard and it's filling in with old Bermuda, Johnson grass, and now little Dward Rouellias, and even some of the regular purple Rouellias that were the first plants we planted three and a half years ago have sprouted in the yard. I pity the plant that comes up against the low-tech pushmower I will run over them.

Pictures soon.

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