Sunday, November 28, 2004

Remind Me Never To Make A Movie Jeff at Beautiful Atrocities Doesn't Like

Wow that smarts. I figured this would be mediocre at best, they can't do justice to a life like Alexander the Great's in any film, but I had no idea it was so awful. Read Jeff's roundup of commentary, it's far more eloquent than anything I could add.

P.S. My little sister no longer finds Colin Farrell interesting or attractive, and is apparently grossed out by him. How the hell did THAT happen? Is it because he's a filthy man whore?

UPDATE: Do read the Victor Davis Hanson review Jeff links to, it's priceless. Why do they keep fucking up biopics when there's so much fantastic material to work with? I've been thinking about what a great movie could be made about Americans flying for the RAF during the Battle of Britain, and now it's being made with Tom Cruise, and I'm terrified it's going to a) suck and b) leave out all the good stuff, like "Alexander" apparently has. Sheesh.

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