Monday, June 13, 2005

Sweaty Conversational Dynamite

I love Emerald Bile because Noreen and Ball Bag find a way to say what I often feel pretty succinctly while being hilariously profane and offensive. And while I'm not in agreement with much of this post about gay people (I have usually liked the gay people I've gotten to know more than I like most straight people), I do find part of it fairly representative of the way I feel about gay culture:

I also wonder why they think that most straight people they meet are gay. People like me who like rugby and beer and smoking and manly stuff are secretly gay according to gays. Apparently we are trying a little bit too hard to be straight. Does that mean that they are secretly straight? A gay man who wears make-up and enjoys showtunes is trying a little bit too hard to be gay, so therefore must be straight.

I also kind of agree with this part:

I don't understand why they all talk in that strange gay accent they use and why do they call everyone a bitch, even men? It irritates me. Did they always talk in that voice, or did they just start doing it when they realised they were gay?

It's offensive and discriminatory to think such a thing, but I can often identify a gay accent as easily as a french or spanish one, so there must be something to it. I've known some people who spent time in other countries and came back to the US with a permanent accent change (one friend spent a year in Australia and still sounds vaguely Aussie), and I myself tend to adopt the accent of whatever person I'm talking to in an alarmingly short time, so I know a different way of speaking is easy to adopt, but the whole gay accent thing is kind of interesting. Any thoughts, Skinny?

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