Thursday, December 02, 2004

We Should Have Killed Him When We Had the Chance

Marc Rich, not Osama bin Laden. Well, both, I guess. But we definitely need to kill Rich, who you may remember as the dirty SOB Clinton pardoned at the end of his tenure because Rich's wife Denise gave the Clintons an enormous wad of cash. Ace of Spades posts about his involvement in the Oil-for-Food scam, by far the largest incidence of fraud ever on this planet. Death penalty all around, I say. Kofi Annan and his kid Kojo, Rich, and let's just cap the whole UN while we're at it. The US media sure doesn't give a damn about this story, so we're going to have to make them care, just like with Dan Rather. Oil-for-Food is the crime of the millenium, and we must not let it go unpunished.

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Anonymous said...

No - we should have tried them in public and put them away for life - or death.
I don't understand why the president gets to pardon people - It's just wrong. We cannot let due process go, and it's important for these kinds of Trials to be held in public so everyone can see the evidence and see that Justice is done - And feel that they will get their say in court and the innocent will be unpunished. CIvil RIghts such as the right to due process are what has kept America one of the good guys for all these years. If we let them go we become part of the problem.