Saturday, April 28, 2007

Weng Weng Can't Be Stopped

Or is it Wang Wang? I did myself and the rest of the world a great injustice when I failed to post this the day my little sister Patsy sent it over:

They just don't make films like that any more.


Anonymous said...

Patsy beat me sending that to you?? Check your emails since I have been waiting for this recognition post for weeks knowing full well you would be Weng Weng's biggest fan. I can only hope that Weng and Dolamite team up to fight crime in Mississippi. Everyone is applauding Patsy pushing Weng Weng down your throat until you posted it......."Weng Weng is at the disco clocking more thong than Cisco"

Anonymous said...

Nothing better Mike likes more than a 2.9 foot Weng Weng rammed down his throat... Are you getting Weng Weng tattooed on your wang wang?